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No.1 2b 8K Ba Hl No. 4 Surface Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless steel cold rolled steel plate is a stainless steel plate produced by cold rolling process. The thickness of the steel plate is not more than 3mm, and the thickness of the steel plate is more than 3mm. Used for making corrosion-resistant parts, pipelines, containers, medical instruments, Marine equipment, etc.
Product Details

No.1 2b 8K Ba Hl No. 4 Surface Stainless Steel Plate

Thickness: 0.1-0.8mm
Length: 2000mm, 2438mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm,12000mm, etc
Width: 40mm-600mm, 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Certification: ISO, SGS,BV
Technique: Cold Rolled
Surface: BA,2B,NO.1,NO.4,4K,HL,8K
Grade(ASTM UNS) 304、304L、321、316、316L、317L、347H、309S、310S、
Grade (EN) 1.4301,1.4307,1.4541,1.4401,1.4404,1.4571,1.4438,1.4539,1.4547,1.4529,1.4410,1.4501,1.4462,1.4845,1.4542,,etc
Payment Terms T/T  L/C and Western Union etc
Packaging & Delivery in bundle,plastic bags,thin film,wooden pallet,standard seaworthy export packing or as customer demands

NO.1 Silvery white Hot rolled to specified thickness Do not need to have a glossy surface use
NO.2D Silvery white After cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling are carried out General material, deep material
NO.2B Gloss is stronger than No.2D After No.2D treatment, the final light cold rolling is carried out through the polishing roller The general material
BA As bright as a sixpence No standard, but usually a bright annealed surface with high reflectivity. Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.3 Rough lapping Grind with 100~200# (unit) strop tape Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.4 Intermediate grinding Polished surface obtained by grinding with 150~180# strop abrasive tape Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.240 Fine lapping Grinding with 240# strop abrasive tape kitchenware
NO.320 Very fine grinding Grinding was carried out with 320# strop abrasive tape kitchenware
NO.400 The luster is close to BA Use 400# polishing wheel to grind General timber, building timber, kitchen appliances
HL Hairline grinding Suitable particle material for hair stripe grinding (150~240#) with many grains Building, construction material
NO.7 It's close to mirror grinding Use a 600# rotary polishing wheel to grind For art or decoration
NO.8 Mirror ultrafinish The mirror is ground with a polishing wheel Reflector, for decoration

Chemical Properties:

Tip: Only part of data is shown here, welcome to contact us for other grades' chemical composition

1.4301 304 0.04 18.1 8.3
1.4307 304L 0.02 18.1 8.3
1.4541 321 0.04 17.3 9.1 Ti0.24
1.455 347 0.05 17.5 9.5 Nb0.012
1.4401 316,S31608 0.04 17.2 10.2 2.1
1.4404 316L,S31603 0.02 17.2 10.2 2.1
1.4406 316LN 0.02 0.14 17.2 10.3 2.1
1.4429 S31653 0.02 0.14 17.3 12.5 2.6
1.4571 316Ti, 0.04 17 10.6 2.1 Ti0.30
1.4438 317L,S31703 0.02 18.2 13.5 3.1
1.4439 317LMN 0.02 0.14 17.8 12.6 4.1
1.4435 316LMOD,724L 0.02 0.06 17.3 13.2 2.6
1.4539 904L,N08904 0.01 20 25 4.3 1.5Cu
1.4547 S31254,254SMO 0.01 0.02 20 18 6.1 Cu 0.8-1.0
1.4529 N08926,Alloy25-6mo 0.02 0.15 20 25 6.5 1.0Cu
1.4652 S32654,654SMO 0.01 0.45 23 21 7 Mn2-4-Cu 0.3-0.6
1.4162 S32101,LDX2101 0.03 0.22 21.5 1.5 0.3 Mn4-6-Cu 0.1-0.8
1.4362 S32304, 0.02 0.1 23 4.8 3
1.4462 2205, 0.02 0.16 22.5 5.7 4
1.441 S32758,SAF2507 0.02 0.27 25 7 3.5
1.4501 S32760 0.02 0.27 25.4 6.9 W 0.5-1.0-Cu0.5-1.0
1.4948 304H 0.05 18.1 8.3
1.4878 321H,S32169,S32109 0.05 17.3 9 TI0.2-0.7
1.4818 S30415,153MA 0.15 0.05 18.5 9.5 Si1-2-Ce 0.03-0.08
1.4833 309S,S30908 0.06 22.8 12.6
1.4835 30815,253MA 0.09 0.17 21 11 Si1.4-2.0Ce 0.03-0.08
1.4845 310S,S31008 0.05 25 20
1.4542 630 0.07 16 4.8 Cu3.0-5.0-Nb0.15-0.45

Company Profile

Established 2010, JiangSu Tisco Steel has achieved a high level of knowhow and ranks among the Chinese market leaders in its business segment. 

Market demand for custom-tailored products is continuously rising and JiangSu Tisco Steel adapts to these market requests by investing in innovative manufacturing technologies and increase factory production capacity.

In close co-operation with our customers, we improve performance of existing products, search for new product solutions and optimize manufacturing processes, through which we trust JiangSu Tisco Steel could provide clients with the most cost effective solution and at the same time the highest quality standard.

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Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are both a trading company and a manufacturer.We have own factory, which is located in Jiangsu,CHINA. We have more than 10 years experience in sales of steel products. We mainly produces stainless steel plate/pipe/coil/round bars etc.

Q: Do you have quality control? How can you give warranty of your products?

A: Yes, we have gained certification of GB/T19001:2016/ ISO9001:2015. We are the verified supplier by SGS on the platform of Alibaba and MIC. We extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with our quality or service.

Q: How can I believe you?

A: Honest business with competitive price and professional service is our promise to all customers. We can process the order details on Alibaba platform.There is trade assurance from Alibaba, your order and money will be well guaranteed. 

Q: Can we get some samples firstly?Any charges?

A: Yes,you can get available samples in our stock.Free for real samples,but customers need to pay the freight cost.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: Normally it is 5-7 days if we have stock. If we don't have stock products,it will take 15-45 days to produce it. It is negotiable according your order quantity.


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